Frideswide: A New Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to Deliver a Safer Care

Clinical audit is a quality improvement process aiming to find a solution to the problem or to make the health system more efficient and safe. The continuous cycle of audits and re-audits ensures that the hospital improves its delivery of care on a regular basis.


This comes at a huge cost.

An audit needs to be completed manually by a large number of staff involved in entering the data, analysing it, reporting and implementing its findings. The hours spent on compiling and audit are hours lost to the frontline health service and that puts an extra burden on a cash-strapped health service.


A helping hand of a computer.

What if we could use a super smart machine to take the burden off our NHS? Three young scientists from the University of Bristol (UK) developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based algorithm that can achieve just that.

The findings of their simulation experiment have just been published in the International Journal of Surgery earlier this month. In this hot off the press article, they proved that the algorithm makes the process quicker, cheaper and pain-free.


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