Verdict in the favour of the Prosecution

In the matter of The Current Addiction Model being invalid, we, the Convocation House of the Oxford Neurological Society, hereby announce that the motion is carried.

Thus, the verdict shall be entered in the favour of the Prosecution.

Presiding adjudicator: Christopher Schpackenbaum, FNS

Read the Prosecution’s argument [WON]

Read the Defence argument [DEFEATED]

My learned colleagues, fellow members of the Convocation House – I believe that the Prosecution have proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that the current addition model is indeed invalid.


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The War On Drugs Is Lost And We Should Finally Face It – PROSECUTION


On 18th June 1971, Richard Nixon, the president of the United States declared the War on Drugs. Today, the US alone spends $51bilion every year on that endeavour, with over a quarter of a million dollars already spent since I started my summation. In summer 2016, we will be reaching almost 50 years of that war, and there is still no victory on the horizon.


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