Fellowship Application

Fellowship applications are governed by the Act of Foundation. In particular:

Art. 6 Candidates of Science may be graduated to become a Fellow. The rules of graduation are as follows:

i) the Candidate of Science must inform the House of their intent to sit the exam; they may do so at any point, except during the Conference;

ii) the Candidate of Science must pass the exam prepared by the House; the exam must be equal for all Candidates of Science in a given year (between one Conference and subsequent one), and the pass mark is 70%;

iii) the Candidate of Science who passed the exam, must then sit the oral examination in front of the House

iv) the oral examination shall consist of one word exam, whereby the Candidate of Science shall be given one word, previously chosen by the House, on which they shall elaborate in one hour;

v) the elaboration must be associated with the neurosciences, and the questions may be asked by the members of the House;

vi) the members of the House can at any point graduate the Candidate of Science; each Member of the House may do so only once a year (conference to conference);

vii) the Candidate of Science may be invited to sit the oral examination for up to four subsequent days, if the Candidate of Science does not receive graduation after that period, their examination is deemed failed;

viii) the Candidate of Science can attempt as many examinations as they like;

ix) all members of the House must be informed about the examination, but their attendance is voluntary;


If you have read about the rules of the application, please send in your details (i.e. name, surname and your Membership ID, if known) to secretary@neurologicalsociety.org