File in a compaint

We recognise that things aren’t always perfect. Whilst we encourage all members to resolve issues between themselves first, and to undertake all reasonable steps to avoid the complaint, it can sometimes be too complicated to be resolved without external adjudicator.

In order to file in the complaint, you need to fill in this form. Please fill in all the fields, or your complaint may be rejected or delayed.

Here’s how the process will look like:

  1. You cannot reach a peaceful solution, and need the adjudicator.
  2. You file in the complaint using our online service.
  3. You fill in all the fields, including your name. Anonymous complaints will not be considered and will be rejected immediately.
  4. If┬áthe complaint is valid, it will be logged in within 3 working days, and you’ll be informed of that via email.
  5. You will be allocated an adjudicator, who will look into your complaint. This will be an appointee of the Praetorian Council. They will write to you that they are taking up your case. This process takes up to 7 working days.
  6. The adjudicator can: (i) dismiss your case, (ii) award a compensation, (iii) award a remedy or warning, i.e. ask both sides to behave in a given way to resolve the situation, (iv) raise the case to the court;
  7. This process of due consideration in (6) can take up to 21 days. All decisions will have to be substantiated, and you have the right to appeal them. Appeals can only be made, if the adjudicator made an error, appeals made on the basis of disagreement with the adjudicator only will be dismissed.
  8. Court proceedings resulting from the complaint are covered by Article 2, Schedule 4 of the Act of Foundation
  9. If you are ready to file in the complaint, please log in and follow the link. You will not be able to file in the complaint, if you are not logged into the system.