A Fascinating Journey of the Cognitive Neuroscience Research

Letter to the editor

  • Maksymilian A Brzezicki Oxford Neurological Society


"Starting from a 100, subtract 7, and keep on subtracting, giving me each answer"

I asked in a slightly elevated and engaging tone, to disguise the fact that I’ve had that, and all the other instructions drilled down in my memory, having repeated it at least a thousand times.

The lady sitting on a bed was in her 40s; she was leaning forward over a cup of tea and cuddling in her beige sweatshirt. The bright light of the hospital windows not only illuminated photos and papers on her bedside table, but also gave her a relaxing view over the hospital gardens. She was enjoying the picturesque landscapes of tidily cut flora, in between sips of hot beverage and a flick through the printed graphs.

Mrs Smith completed the task, brilliantly giving me an excellent series of numbers, when, all of a sudden, the alarm on her medicines box went off, to remind her about her tablets. She took them swiftly and looked at me inquisitively. I asked whether she’s ok to continue.