• Sandra Neumann Editor-in-chief


There is a wealth of journals you can choose to publish with: So why another one? This was the first question that faced me after I took on the role as editor for Clinical Neurosciences. Why revive another journal? What is so special about this one? 

The answer was quite simple: Focus.

To focus a journal on the patient allows the reader an insight into the clinical world of neurology. When research is focused on the relevance to the patient, we will find an answer more efficiently and with the right motivation.

Having the patient at the heart of the journal also meant that editorial decision should be made to ensure the informed patient will be able to read the journal.

This is why the format of Clinical Neurosciences sits between the rather unexciting articles written in the pure science format, (you know, the articles that densely list the information you may need but that requires a good few years of practice with the scientific literature) and a popular science magazine. 

Lastly, to entertain those good old clinicians and other playful souls, we aim to post clinical conundrums, neurology book reviews and other goodies alongside world-class research.