Who can publish?

Any scientist, clinical professional, student or scholar of medicine, including emeritus professors. Formal qualifications are not looked at when deciding on the merit of the publication.

What can be published?

Original research in the field of clinical neuroscience and neurology, or research of interest to clinical neurosciences. Case reports in neurology, neurosurgery, neuroendocrinology, neurooncology and psychiatry will be considered. Review articles are invited within the scope of neuroscience and neurology where relevant to the clinical practice, research and progress.

How long should I expect to wait to hear back?

The response time may vary depending on the volume of submissions. You will receive an email to the address provided for the corresponding author during submission notifying you of the expected response time. If you would like to know ahead of submission, please email the Editor-in-Chief. You may check the current journal statistics to obtain an estimate of a timeframe.

Is the journal peer reviewed?

All articles are peer-reviewed, including case studies.

How do I become a peer-reviewer?

Email the Editor-in-Chief for more information or register in our system. All authors are automatically included in the peer-reviewers pool unless they opt out.

How do I submit my article for review?

Use the electronic submission form

What is the formatting requirement for the manuscripts?

Please consult the Clinical Neurosciences Stylebook

Length of article:

Please aim to submit no more than 5 pages for research articles and case reports including figures and tables. Supplementary material may be submitted to support the content or provide further detail of the methods or results. For review articles, please aim to submit no more than 15 pages. Longer articles will be considered. There is no absolute limit for the length of the submission; however please consider the relevance to the reader in deciding on the content.


- Abstract (250 words)
- Key words (maximum 10)
- Introduction
- Methods
- Results
- Discussion
- Conclusion (optional)


For in-text references, please site the name of the first author and the year in parenthesis


(Brzezicki et al. 2017).

Please reference in the format(s): For Journal Articles Lastname Initials (Year) Title of article Journal name issues(volume): page-page


Brzezicki MA, Kobetić MD, Neumann S (2017) Frideswide - An artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm for audits and quality improvement in the neurosurgical practice Int J Surg 43(1): 56-57

For websites Author/Institution (Year where applicable) Title of the article referenced, website DOI or URL, last updated: DD/MM/YYYY, last accessed: DD/MM/YYYY

Format Please submit the article in the following format: Font: Arial Font size: 12 Margins: Standard (top and bottom: 2.54, Left and right 3.16 cm) Headings: Bold Title: Font size 16 and Bold Line spacing: 1.0