This journal is established to promote the knowledge of neurological sciences. The journal holds the intent of good for the patient as a primary importance. The journal is to communicate the peer-reviewed research in the field of clinical neurosciences. The Journal aims to publish information on promising avenues of treatment for all neurological pathologies, new theories concerning such pathologies, as well as new developments in existing theories and treatments. It is to It is to scrutinise through scientific argument the theories and hypotheses in the field of neurology, and it is to review, compare and inspire the current practice around the world. It has the aim of aiding the progress in clinical neuroscience with a compassionate approach towards the patients.  


The Journal achieves the statement of intent by publishing research, case studies and reviews of an excellent and clinically translatable standard. It invites authors to submit negative results and to register studies for review, prior to data collection. It seeks to verify the honesty and truthfulness of the research by encouraging to publish the raw data in supplementary material, publicly available on our servers. With the patient at heart, the journal aims to report excellence in research and clinical practice. Clinical Neurosciences will aim to provide a simple, coherent, and clear explanation of the research and neurological pathologies, understandable by the wider community. It aims to attract a broad readership with no complex technological knowledge required to appreciate the credo of its papers.  


The journal will aim to make the content accessible to a broad and international audience. There is no pay barrier, no fees for authors and no subscription requirement. The content is released immediately upon acceptance and will remain available online in its entirety, for everyone to use and share under CC:BY licence.


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