Structure of the Society

The structure of the society is fairly straightforward and is mainly composed of the bodies establishes by the Act of Foundation. 

President of the Society – elected every 5 years, leader of the Society and the chief of executive

Prefect of the Convocation House – this role is largely ceremonial, elected for life’s tenure, leader of the Convocation House and provides seniority and stability of wit and wisdom.

Convocation House – the “Senate” of the Society, i.e. body of distinguished members, who have the power to graduate members (promote Candidates of Science to Fellows) and provide advice to the members.

Praetor’s Council – the “Court” of the Society, i.e. college of judges for resolving in-house disputes.

Secretary General – the head of administration, responsible for running the day-to-day activities of the Society

Advisory Boards and Board’s Leaders – these are groups of members who are interested in a particular subject. They can work on different projects and have large autonomy within the society. Their leaders are responsible for running the boards and represent them in public.