The society was established to promote the knowledge of neurological sciences among the general public, and to be a community of likeminded people of all kind, to whom the good of the Patient is of a paramount importance.

The Society believes that the neuroscience should serve the people, and not to be a terra incognita of sciences; it shall strive to devise the treatment for all neurological pathologies, apply due remedies, through better understanding and a more compassionate approach towards the Patients.

Would you like to join us in this endeavour? We are always happy to take up new Candidates of Science. 

Please address all queries regarding the website and all other administrative matters to

Legal documents

Advisory Boards & Executives

Trustee Board

Overseeing the everyday work of the Society and working on official duties and representations as per the Act of Foundation.

Board for Knowledge Promotion

Working on the development of publishable resources and raising awareness of different aspects of clinical neurosciences; also looking after the journal and publishing work.

Board for Clinical & Research Guidelines

Producing and coordinating efforts in research, public awareness, and clinical uptake of the latest evidence in clinical neurosciences.

  • Thomas Robb
  • Simran Gill
  • Nicholas Bridger

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