The Harvey Cushing Memorial Award is an honour awarded by an International Collaboration of Neurological Societies (ICNS) to recognize outstanding academic and clinical achievements and excellence in clinicians within neurological sciences.

The award is named after Harvey Cushing, who was an American neurosurgeon, pathologist, writer, and draftsman. He was the first exclusive neurosurgeon and the first person to describe Cushing’s disease. He also wrote a biography of physician William Osler in three volumes.

The award was established in by the International Collaboration of Neurological Societies and is presented during the 3N (Neurology Neurosurgery and Neuropsychiatry) Conference. The award recipients are selected by a committee of representatives from various neurological societies around the world. The award consists of a gold medal, a certificate, and a cash prize.

The award honours the lifetime contribution of members for their surgical, scientific, and humanitarian accomplishments in the field of neurology. The award is considered to be one of the highest distinctions in neurosurgery.

The next round of awards will commence soon for the 2025 diet. The nomination process and the eligibility criteria will be announced shortly by the ICNS. The candidates will be evaluated based on their originality, innovation, impact, and leadership in neurology.

The Harvey Cushing Memorial Award is a great opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of the leaders and pioneers in neurology. It also serves as an inspiration and motivation for the future generations of neurosurgeons.