We are thrilled to announce that following the Executive Board meeting on 21st February 2024, the Society will launch its exciting new International Exchange Programme, designed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between leading academics across the HORIZON EU countries.

This innovative programme offers a unique opportunity for neuroscientists, psychologists, developmental psychiatrists, and medical professionals to broaden their horizons and refine their skills through professional and collaborative placements. Participating members from HORIZON EU nations will be paired with host institutions of the Fellows of the Society.

Through tailored placements, participants will gain invaluable hands-on experience, collaborate with international peers, and contribute to ongoing projects. The Society believes that this exchange will foster cross-cultural understanding and will promote many collaborative efforts between Candidates of Science.

The programme welcomes applications from universities, research institutions, and hospitals within Horizon EU nations. To learn more and express your interest, please contact us at president@neurologicalsociety.org.

The programme will not be funded by the European Union and no monetary funds are currently available for the exchanges. The Convocation House will monitor this situation and may appropriate grants to cover basic expenses for eligible candidates.