Oxford Neurological Society focuses on three main aspects: providing teaching resources, facilitating professional clinical and scientific collaboration, and discussing important public policy topics in 21 countries worldwide.

The society was established to promote the understanding of neurosciences and to be a community of clinicians, scientists, and knowledge enthusiasts committed to improving outcomes for patients with brain diseases.


The Society runs several educational initiatives. These are usually coordinated by the Society’s official teaching body – the Oxford Academy of Neurosciences. The Academy produces curriculum materials in many aspects of clinical neurosciences including:

  • Online Lectures, Podcasts and Meetings
  • Review Articles and Quick Learning Materials
  • Teaching section of the Clinical Neurosciences Journal
  • Coordinated informal and formal teaching delivered by the members ad hoc or via the institutions they are affiliated with

Clinical Work

Many of our Members have day jobs in clinical or scientific training within the neurosciences. These include doctors, medical students, psychology trainees, junior and senior scientists. We support each other by:

  • Professional Support Networks – asking for advice, sharing scientific achievements, consulting each other on important topics involving research and patient care.
  • Membership Catalogue – free to browse area of the website where different Members advertise their contact details.
  • Advisory Boards – subgroups within the Society with Members specialising in their own niche.

Public Outreach

The Society is affiliated with or supports international collaborations like European Academy of Neurology, European Association of Neurological Societies, All Trials, National Institute for Healthcare Excellence.

We work in 21 different countries around the world to promote the knowledge of neurosciences and collaborate with local universities, non profits and charities whenever patient care and scientific progress can be improved.

We also provide opinion and discuss important policy matters whilst being a stakeholder in NICE. We may express opinion on recommendations, guidelines and statements issued by official bodies where these relate to clinical neurosciences.