The Society is launching a new programme aimed at schools – to promote scientific spirit and interest in the neurological sciences before university education. The programme will begin in September 2022 and is open to any primary or secondary school within the operation area of the Society.

We offer bespoke patronage agreements with schools in both state and independent sector, however preference will be extended to the establishments covering conventionally underrepresented demographics within science and medicine.

The activities offered will be highly tailored to the needs of the pupils, but some ideas include – workshops with scientists and doctors from the Society, Q&A sessions, feedback on personal statements and CVs, trips to Members’ institutions and visits to the labs (provided parent institutions’ approval).

There is no charge for this and the Society will not enter into any financial or commercial agreement.

Discussions are also taking place to committ some of the funds raised by the Society to allow for direct grants and small stipends for students to allow equitable participation in these activities. This will be set out in a separate document with separate terms and conditions.

If you’re interested in more details, please email the Secretary to discuss potential cooperation.

Legal basis – Standing Order of the President, countersigned by the Prefect on the 13th May 2022.